• The Big G

    18in x 17in 4-colour serigraph poster. I let my geekness shine on this one… The idea was to infuse religious/mythologic symbols from all over the world to one of the most bad-ass characters of all time, to inspire the terror and the sublime of such earth-shattering apparition.

  • Petrodroid Dinorama

    “Petrodroid Dinorama”, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 90in x 30in. Available as a 50in x 20in print.

  • Takoyaki

    Originally larger black-and-white acrylic paintings, these posters were created for the show “Pretty Things to Look at”. 15in x 19in, 4-colour serigraph posters. Inspired by early 2oth century japanese propaganda posters, and by my favourite street food.

  • Tryptic

    This was another large piece for my feature show at the Ayden Gallery. 90in x 30in, acrylic and ink on canvas.The original is still available for sale.

  • Galactic Guernica

    This was the min piece of my first feature art show, “Pretty Things to Look at”. It was originally 90in x 30in acrylic and ink on canvas, But it’s also available as a 50in x 20in print.


This is a place to check out some of my personal work. Feel free to browse, comment or even buy some prints if you wish.

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About Gabriel Frizzera

Gabriel Frizzera is an artist and graphic novelist born in Brazil, and currently living and working in Vancouver, Canada.

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